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Early Movie Memories

28 Feb

I find it fascinating what things people remember and find entertaining about movies.  There are so many different genres and methods of acting that I started thinking about what movies people are able to recall watching in their childhoods.  Did it leave a lasting memory or is there another reason you remember it?

I can’t remember the very first movie I ever watched, but I can remember the first few movies I ever saw in a theater.  They couldn’t be more different, but they are still as clear as day to me.  The first movie was Spaceballs.  I was eight years old when it came out and some close family friends took my brother and me to see it with their family.  I clearly remember them being mortified that they brought young children to see this movie.  They didn’t have much to worry about with me, because I had no clue what was going on.  When I saw the movie at a later age, it was so great, because I got the innuendos and references to the movie it was a parody of: Star Wars.  I love when that light goes on; there have been so many movies I didn’t get the first time around, but when reintroduced to them it’s a whole different story.

The second movie I remember seeing was Rainbow Brite and The Star Stealer.  Talk about a 180, right?  My mom took a group of me and my friends to the movie for my birthday party when I was in kindergarten or first grade.  My closest friend, who was a member of that movie-going group, still often reminds me of going to see that movie.  It’s odd the things people remember sometimes.

I don’t think it matters what the movie is, whether it’s animated or live action or whether you even liked it.  The point is remembering the time film came into your life and the memories associated with it.  Both of my movie going experiences happened before the age of ten and I am now thirty.  The memories haven’t lessened at all in the twenty plus years since I saw either of them.


Emilie DeRavin & Robert Pattinson Interview

28 Feb

Check out this Remember Me interview from MTV featuring Emilie DeRavin and Robert Pattinson.  It’s actually got some funny moments in it.  I’d say Pattinson looks a lot more comfortable in this setting than in previous press junkets. 

Josh Horowitz asked some good questions of the two and didn’t focus too much on Pattinson’s Twilight past, which was kind of refreshing.  Make sure to listen to what Pattinson says about the difference in sexuality between this film and his current film in production, Bel Ami.

If you want to read more about Remember me, take a look at my last post.

Late Night Love

28 Feb

While the recent late night battles took place, Jimmy Fallon remained loyal to NBC and to his friendships with both of the men involved in said battles: Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.  Fallon is an upstanding guy and he will be celebrating Late Night’s one year anniversary on Monday March 1.

I’ve been a fan of Fallon’s since his popular Saturday Night Live days.  He always reminded me of the young, drunk college buddy, reminiscent of the Adam Sandler days of SNL.  His success on SNL lead him to what he hoped to be a promising movie career.  That didn’t work out so well for him – anyone remember Taxi?

Lorne Michaels, executive producer of both SNL and Late Night, saw something in Fallon and it could easily be said that Michaels has been Fallon’s guardian angel. 

I remember Fallon’s first show and it was kind of painful.  He was so nervous, rightfully so, with his first guest being none other than Robert De Niro.  He was visibly sweating in the opening monologue and he was kind of spastic while interviewing De Niro.  His first audience participation game was the fan favorite, “Lick It For 10.”  That was enough to guess what kind of show he wanted to make.

I’m not the biggest fan of “Lick It…” but he has definitely made Late Night his own now.  His house band is The Roots.  The Roots!  They bring such an added comedic presence to the show.  Fallon has nailed his parody programming such as, “The Real Housewives of Late Night,” “Late,” and “6-Bee.”  I’ll admit my favorite bit he does is, “Friday Night Thank You Notes.”  It’s funny and the jokes are usually spot on.

He has so much fun with his guests; my favorite being when he plays charades with them.  He commonly refers to his guests as “buddy,” and I just find that so endearing.  He laughs at himself all the time and it reminds me of all those times he’d lose it during a sketch on SNL.

I DVR Fallon every night and I’ve been going through some withdrawals since he’s been on hiatus during the Olympics.  I was lucky enough to get a sample of his ‘Thank You Notes’ during the late night coverage this past Friday.  Fallon made an appearance and it was a nice surprise.  I look forward to new episodes beginning Monday March 1.

Fallon may not be the best comedian or the perfect late night host, but his humor and desire to have a good time, make him a must watch.  I’ve said this to people before, but if I’m ever having a down day, all I have to do is watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I can guarantee I won’t feel so bad anymore.

Heartbreak For The Osmonds

27 Feb


Reports surfaced earlier today that singer/actress, Marie Osmond, had suffered every mother’s worst nightmare.  It was reported that her teenage son, Michael, had committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Osmond’s brother, Donny, released a brief statement through Entertainment Tonight this morning.  He said, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”  Later in the day, through her publicist, Marie confirmed that her son had died, but did not give any indication as to the cause.

Marie Osmond has publicly discussed her and her son’s past battles with depression and regardless of the circumstances surrounding her loss, I hope she stays strong and I can only wish the best for her and her family.

Roger Ebert Speaks…

27 Feb

To Oprah

On Tuesday March 2nd, Roger Ebert will be appearing on his old pal’s soon-to-be extinct talk show.  Ebert will be opening up about his life since beating cancer and how his life now is a new kind of normal.  After battling thyroid cancer, Ebert lost his lower jaw and his ability to eat, drink and speak.  He now communicates through a special voice equipped computer and will be premiering his new voice on Tuesday.

Ebert is every movie lover’s God.  He’s a Chicago guy, having been a film critic with the Chicago Sun-Times for over 40 years.  Famous for using his thumbs as a movie reviewing tool alongside the late Gene Siskel, Ebert has remained as vigilant as ever when it comes to doing what he does best.  Apart from his day job, he’s an accomplished author and has even created his very own film festival in Champaign, IL.

Coinciding with his appearance on Oprah, Esquire magazine ran a detailed feature on Ebert.  If you have never read his words or had the opportunity to listen to him dissect a film, it’s not too late.  He still continues to write on his website at and you can find old episodes of Siskel & Ebert or Ebert & Roeper on YouTube.  He hasn’t let the hand he was dealt stop him from thriving and moving forward. 

Moon Review

26 Feb


Starring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey

I’m not exactly sure how I want to write this review.  The reason for that is I’m not sure I fully understood this film.  I think I have more questions than answers after having watched this movie. 

I was looking forward to seeing this movie after hearing lots of positive comments about it.  This indie sci-fi film was nothing like I thought it would be.  Just because I didn’t necessarily get it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good piece of filmmaking. 

The gist of this picture is that Sam Rockwell‘s character has been working on the moon for three years.  After an accident, weird things begin to happen and Rockwell realizes that everything he thought he knew might not be the truth.  Rockwell acts almost entirely alone in this film and his performance is pretty great.  Kevin Spacey‘s contribution to this film was much different from what I expected and it reminded me of just how creepy his voice can sound.

I would recommend this movie to others, if only for the performance of Rockwell.  I’d love to hear opinions of any one else who’s seen this film.


Oscar Presenters Announced

26 Feb

A partial list of presenters for next Sunday’s 82nd Academy Awards have been released. 

Sacha Baron Cohen      Ben Stiller               Taylor Lautner
Tina Fey                            Miley Cyrus
Jason Batemen              Kristen Stewart
Steve Carell                     Zac Efron