Laughing With Ricky Gervais

20 Feb

If I could bottle Ricky Gervais’ laugh and unleash it a little bit any time I was down, I would be okay with not feeling so great all the time.  His laugh is contagious and always brings a smile to my face.

He premiered a brand new animated show on HBO last night, “The Ricky Gervais Show.”  Gervais along with two friends, who also happen to be co-workers, made podcasts and have turned them into an animated program.

The conversations are always odd, but the oddness is what makes them funny.  One of the men is Gervais’ producer and he is constantly telling stories of things he believes in, that aren’t real.  Some topics are things he wishes would happen and some are random stories he says he’s heard. 

Gervais and his co-writer pal are constantly giving the other guy a hard time about what he’s saying.  Gervais is brash and loud and I loved the silly animation that accompanied the stories.


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