Movie Soundtracks

20 Feb

How many people buy movie soundtracks?  If you are one of the millions that do, do you do it before the movie even comes out or only after hearing a song you like while watching the movie?

I happen to fall into both categories.  I love music.  I’m not one of those die-hard music people though who can tell you every detail of an artist or genre of music.  Movies and TV are where I can showcase my knowledge. 

Movie soundtracks can sometimes be different than other kinds of music.  The music is suited (or supposed to be) to the film it is in.  Many times, an artist’s song only appears on the soundtrack and not even on one of their own records.  I can’t tell you how many new artist’s I’ve found out about simply through hearing their song on a soundtrack.

The most recent examples of my point are the two soundtracks that have accompanied the Twilight Saga films.  These soundtracks have sold millions of copies and have a direct impact on the film.  I am guilty of owning both and I’m not embarrassed about it either.  I’ve always been a Top 40 music person, for the most part.  Apart from some other indie musicians, these two soundtracks have opened my eyes to some really great new talent.  New to me at least.

Now, I am really into Muse, MuteMath, Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine among others.  Without these soundtracks, I most likely would never have heard their music or payed very much attention if I did. 

Certain movies have simple soundtracks and others help in defining the film.  Don’t get me wrong though, I buy soundtracks for fun reasons too.  Sometimes a soundtrack is just a good time; it happens to be the kind of music you can sing loudly to in your room or car.  The music from He’s Just Not That Into You and Valentine’s Day are examples of that.

Musicals and some TV shows have excellent soundtracks as well. (Glee, Scrubs, Wicked, Rent, The O.C., One Tree Hill)  Don’t limit yourself to only a record of one artist when you have the opportunity to broaden your musical horizons with a soundtrack like I did.


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