Real Time with Bill Maher is a gem

20 Feb

Last night was the season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher.  I cannot express enough how much I love this show on HBO.  First of all, Maher is a smart guy.  He also happens to be very funny.  His combination of smart talk and comedic chops make this show a gem.

Most of his guests are politically fueled, as his show.  He throws in actors, authors and musicians to his panel as well.  Maher’s skills plus the discussions from the panel aid in informative, intelligent news and communication. 

Maher isn’t afraid to speak his mind and being on HBO gives him a great amount of freedom to say and do things his way.  Not everyone is going to agree with him and some may not even like him very much, but you can’t take away from the forum he’s created for emotionally charged dialogue.  His segment on “New Rules” is sharp and humorous.  Whether I agree with them or not, the “Rules” always have me thinking as I laugh aloud.

For those who have a difficult time listening to politicians or understanding the world of politics, “Real Time” is a great alternative.  This show is addictive and makes you want to be informed so you can keep up with the quick-witted banter among the host and guests.


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