Is It The Year Of The Hurt Locker?

21 Feb

Kathryn Bigelow and her film, The Hurt Locker cleaned up at the BAFTA‘s this weekend.  Does that mean that an Academy Award or two are in the near future for this outstanding war flick?

So far, it appears the race for Best Picture and Best Director are between Bigelow and James Cameron (Avatar).  I have yet to see Avatar, but I can tell you that The Hurt Locker is a great piece of filmmaking.  It is completely different from some of the other wartime pictures of late (Jarhead, Stop Loss). 

Jeremy Renner, the main character, is hauntingly good.  I believe that Anthony Mackie was entirely overlooked this award season.  I’m not familiar with the majority of his work, but he was just incredible in this movie.  Bigelow doesn’t pull any punches with this movie.  It is honest and gives the impression that you are not only watching the film on a screen, but that you are right there with these soldiers.

My prediction for Oscar Sunday is that Bigelow will take the Best Director prize, which would be a first for a woman in that category.  I’m still torn about Best Picture, but I would like to see Bigelow win that as well.  I realize that Avatar has claimed the biggest prize in the all-time box office tally, but I’m not convinced that a movie based on technology should win either of the top prizes.  Should it win for all the technical categories?  Absolutely.

Award season is always exciting.  Well, I’d say the beginning of award season is always exciting.  From that point on, it’s usually just a repeat performance for many.  Similar acceptance speeches, different dress/suit.  I’ve heard this year’s Oscars are supposed to be pretty good from a production standpoint.  Director/Producer Adam Shankman is behind this year’s festivities, so I’m hoping to see a new and entertaining show.


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