Is The Bachelor Really Just Dodgeball In Disguise?

22 Feb

Oh ladies, why do you care so much about The Bachelor?  I’ll admit that I watched the first few seasons of this ABC dating show.  However, after the Trista/Ryan wedding hoopla, I figured enough was enough.  Over the last few years I may have seen a handful of episodes, but really it’s just the same insanity with a different man or woman in the position of power.  I have watched most of this season with Bachelor Jake though. 

If you think about it, The Bachelor is kinda like dodgeball.  In this case, Jake, picks his team and each week he hits someone with the ball and sends her out of the game and sometimes he even knocks more than one out at a time.

I think all reality programming is semi-successful because we love to see how people degrade themselves, act like a fool or get destroyed by someone else in a public forum.  It really is sad, isn’t it?  But at the same time, it’s pretty amusing.  I’m guilty of watching shows because of what craziness I know is going to take place. (VH1’s Flavor of Love, anyone?)

Let us not forget one of the main reasons anyone signs up to be on TV though: to become famous!  Every man, woman and child who has the opportunity to go on television thinks that this will be their one chance to make it.  Here’s a clue for any dreamers out there: it is NOT going to happen.  Sure, if you make it far enough, you might get your 15 minutes of fame, but that’s where the train ends.

Tonight is the always entertaining “Women Tell All” episode.  This penultimate episode is usually filled with bitterness, tears and more ridiculous behavior.  It is just so great to see a woman who was “kicked off the team” after the second episode want to get answers from the “team captain.”  Really ladies??  You probably spent a total of about ten minutes talking to this man. 

All reality shows are the complete opposite of what they state to be.  There is almost nothing ‘real’ about these shows.  There are story editors and producers that set up situations and editors who take footage and put it into a compelling TV show.  I’ve heard many spoilers that Jake picks the unlikable Vienna on next week’s finale.  I’d bet my blog that they are either not together anymore or if they are, they don’t make it another month.  Pessimistic? No.  Smart? Yes.


2 Responses to “Is The Bachelor Really Just Dodgeball In Disguise?”

  1. jensam05 February 22, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    what is wrong with you women?? Are you preparing for polygamy? Do you realize that you are creating with the rules of this game and building a position for such relationships? Why do you let men tell you who and what you are??? You think any woman wants to compete in friendly way for a man that she wants to marry??It has nothing to do with that. I has to do with time and initimacy and compatibility. Please do us women a favor and think for yourselves and be strong, smart women.

    • Carrie February 22, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

      I do think many of these women have their priorities a little out of whack. However, I think many women just want to find love in whatever capacity is available to them. They choose to act in ways that are either respectable or deplorable. “Women Tell All” is proof of both sides of that argument!

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