Movies And Books To Keep Me Busy

25 Feb

I’ve loaded up on lots of movies and books to keep me occupied for a while.  I currently have Moon and Sorority Row in my DVD player; I’m really excited to see Moon, I’ve heard great things about it.  Sorority Row is an example of how I am not judgmental when it comes to films.  I still want to see it, even if the cast includes a girl from The Hills and an ex-Real World: San Diego cast member.  That kinda makes you want to go and rent it now, doesn’t it?

I’ve also accumulated a few books I need to get through and hopefully I will like them enough to add them to my book list.  Right now, I’m reading Chelsea Handler’s My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands.  If you haven’t checked any of her books out or watched her E! show, Chelsea Lately, you are definitely missing out.

I also have Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song, which has been made into a movie to be released soon with Miley Cyrus.  The last book I have is Up In The Air, which is what the movie is based on.  I never got out to see it in the theater, but it hits stores March 9.

I’m way behind in my movie watching, but I’m going to try to squeeze in as many as I can before Oscar Sunday.


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