Get Ready Robert Pattinson Fans: He’s Coming!

26 Feb

Two weeks from today is a very important day in the life of Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson.  On March 13, his film Remember Me hits theaters.  Not only will this be his first starring film in wide release, but he’s got a lot riding on how well it does. 

Pattinson is and forever will be, Edward Cullen.  Thirty years from now, he’ll be remembered for the Twilight films.  I’ve heard some good things about Remember Me and from the trailers, he appears to come off as a regular guy.  I’ll admit that I will see this movie, if not only to form my own judgments on how long I think he’ll stick around H-wood.

He is filming a new movie, Bel Ami, right now.  However, he’ll be heading stateside to promote Remember Me starting next week.  Here’s a list of his TV appearances. (I’m dying to see what Jimmy Fallon can get him to do on Late Night – please tell me there will be a “Bothered” sketch with Pattinson himself!)

Mon. March 1st – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
                                   The Today Show
Tues. March 2nd – The Daily Show (I didn’t see this one coming)
                                      The View

I don’ t know about you guys, but I get a kick out of watching people in interviews that are completely uncomfortable doing them.


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