Spoiling TV?

3 Mar

After Monday’s Bachelor ended, I started to think about whether spoilers are good for a show or not.  Do viewers appreciate knowing part or all of what is going to happen on their favorite shows?

For weeks now, there had been rumors of who Jake picked in the finale of The Bachelor.  There is a website, realitysteve.com, that announced who the final three ladies were and then the winner.  I actually learned about this site through a friend and I didn’t believe that he was going to be right.  However, each week I watched the show, his predictions and insight were never wrong.  By the last episode though, I was over it.  I knew by that point that the predictions were going to be dead on and I really had no reason to watch it.  Don’t get me wrong, I did, but only because I wanted to see the drama of the pick more than the pick itself.

I’m all for spoilers on my favorite shows, but I think there is a line of maybe divulging too much information.  My favorite website for TV spoilers is Watch with Kristin.  She finds out the information that fans are asking for.  I really think her site is all about the fans; she is constantly having polls to determine which shows are the most popular or in demand.  I think the point of a spoiler is to give you just enough inside scoop that leaves you longing for more.  Plus, it gives you reason to watch a particular episode that might showcase a big event or a great guest star.

ABC‘s Lost is a great example.  I love Lost and just like many other people who watch this show, it is forever confusing.  I like being surprised and shocked by what happens when I watch though.  If I went to Kristin’s website and found information that ruined things for me, watching the show wouldn’t be the same. 

I think spoilers also give you a feeling of being behind the scenes.  It’s as if you are right there with the cast and production crew and can understand what is taking place based on the spoiler dirt.  To each their own, I suppose.  Some people don’t like knowing anything about their shows, but I like having a taste, just not the whole meal.


One Response to “Spoiling TV?”

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