Heap of Hollywood 3/09/10

9 Mar

Heap of Hollywood is your chance to read about some of the latest news and casting updates around H-town!

*NBC has renewed 30 Rock, The Office and Community.
*CBS has ordered a 2nd season of Undercover Boss.
*Hilary Duff is about to pen young adult novels for
  Simon & Schuster Books.
*Dancing With the Stars has named Brooke Burke as their new
*The Sopranos head honcho, David Chase, is set to direct his first
  feature film about a 1960’s rock band.
*Viggo Mortensen will be playing Sigmund Freud, replacing
  Christoph  Waltz, in The Talking Cure.
*Liam Hemsworth has signed on to Arabian Nights.
*Liv Tyler & Patrick Wilson are joining The Ledge.
*Anna Faris & Chris Evans have signed on to What’s Your Number?
*Jonah Hill is replacing Demetri Martin in the Moneyball adaptation.
*Lee Daniels’ newest project, Selma, will include Lenny Kravitz,
  Robert De Niro and Hugh Jackman.


Additional information courtesy of Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, FirstShowing and Deadline.


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    […] *Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) has joined the cast of The Ledge. (For additional casting check here) *Stephen Lang (Avatar) & Said Taghmaoui (G.I. Joe) have signed on to the film Conan. […]

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