Eclipse Trailer Premiere!

11 Mar

Twilight fans can breathe a bit easier now.  Summit Entertainment has finally released a trailer for this June’s highly anticipated Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  A couple of days ago a mini, and I do mean mini, trailer came out that lasted all of 11 seconds.

Eclipse’s trailer shows us the new Victoria, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.  It also plays up the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob.   But as any fan of the books knows, there’s not much of a triangle.

This trailer is just the first of many to come out, I’m guessing, as Summit gets ready to launch another massive publicity tour in a couple of months for this film.

Kristen Stewart dons a wig in this installment, as she had cut her hair for her role in The Runaways right before shooting on Eclipse began.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of New Moon, so I’m hoping for more Robert Pattinson and just a little less Taylor Lautner.  A girl can dream, right?


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