Remember Me Review

12 Mar

Remember Me

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Emilie DeRavin, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnon

I will start this review off by saying that this film showed me that Robert Pattinson has a career ahead of him after the Twilight Saga wraps.

Remember Me is a story about a Tyler Hawkins, a 21-year-old man, played by Pattinson, who is lost and struggling with a tragedy in his personal life.  While out partying with his roommate, he tries to stand up for a couple of strangers who are in trouble, when he ends up being thrown in jail.  After his time in jail, Tyler’s roommate suggests that for revenge, he take out the daughter of the man who put him in jail.  Tyler agrees and asks a young woman named Ally Craig, played by Emilie DeRavin, out to dinner.  What starts out as a bet, becomes something he can’t live without.  Ally opens his eyes to a love he’s never quite known.

Tyler and Ally are connected in a way only Tyler knows and eventually he will have to come clean to her about why he’s kept it a secret.  The other part of this drama involves Tyler and his relationship with his family.  He is extremely close to his sister and she is the only one he would do anything for.  He holds a very large grudge against his absentee father and is always willing to tell him so.

Pattinson did a really good job in this film.  The story got off to a rough start, but found its way about half way through.  Pattinson and Pierce Brosnon, who plays his father, have great chemistry.  In the scenes they shared together, Pattinson shined; his best work of the entire film was in those moments.  There were a couple of moments that I could feel his Twilight character reemerge, but I think that is more from the lack of having done other movies than anything else.  He definitely has the painful, struggling male character down.

The supporting cast definitely helped make this film what it was.  Bronson and Chris Cooper, who plays Ally’s dad, were very believable and each showcased a man in pain.  Ruby Jerins, who played Tyler’s sister Caroline, was outstanding.  She was so present in her scenes and you could definitely see a connection with her and Pattinson.

The story has a surprise ending.  There have been some rumors out there about it, which I had heard, but didn’t remember until I was watching the film.  DeRavin was okay, but I wasn’t excited about the chemistry with Pattinson.  The story has some weak points, but the family dilemmas and heartache were what really sold this movie for me.

I would recommend seeing this movie.  I am anxious to see what other things Pattinson has up his sleeves in the future.  As long as he picks good scripts and is surrounded by a talented supporting cast, he should be just fine.



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