Capitalism: A Love Story Review

14 Mar

Capitalism: A Love Story

Starring: Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a genius.  He has the guts to put everything he believes into his films.  He may not always be well received, but that doesn’t take away from the statement he makes with his documentaries.

Moore has a had a string of hits with his films, including Sicko, Farenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine.  Each film tackles the issues facing America over the last decade.  Capitalism focuses on the devastating destruction of our financial system and the affected families left in the rubble.

Moore looks at Walmart, one of the top businesses in America, and their process of taking life insurance policies out on some of their employees in order to make extra money.  Walmart referred to said employees as “dead peasants” in the paperwork.  He spoke to a wife who learned that Walmart had taken such a policy out on her deceased husband for upwards of $1.5 million.

He talks to various politicians and attempts to talk to the Wall Street giants, only to be kicked out of every building he tried to enter.  He interviewed various families who lost their homes to foreclosure in states such as Illinois, Washington and Maryland. 

In addition to the families he spoke to, he interviewed the workers of Republic Windows & Doors from Chicago who staged a sit-in when Bank of America refused to pay them after closing the business down.

Everyone in America knows that our country is struggling financially and Moore takes that knowledge and tries to do something about it.  He doesn’t focus on only one socioeconomic group, he attempts to get someone from every walk of life involved in his project.  He even brings religion into the picture.  Whether that part was appropriate or not is simply left up to the viewer.

I’d absolutely recommend this film.  Moore is controversial, there is no hiding that.  However, he is intelligent and thought-provoking.  Watch this or any of his other movies and you will probably come away with a strong opinion one way or another.  At least he is trying to bring attention to the problems we, as Americans, are facing.



One Response to “Capitalism: A Love Story Review”

  1. jjoshuajj21 May 26, 2010 at 1:24 am #

    Michael Moore needs to dust off his camera and document the comming event; because, Walmart will UNIONIZE next year >>>> <<<<

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