Dancing with the Stars is showing its age

24 Mar

Dancing with the Stars premiered on Monday night to almost 24 million viewers.  Even with that staggering number, I was left feeling bored and annoyed with the “stars” this season.

Dancing’s newest season started off with a new co-host, a new backstage room (which really isn’t backstage anymore) and some new graphics.  The changes weren’t enough to make me like this show.  I actually thought the changes were pretty bad.  The graphics were very odd and made the show seem amateurish.

Now, for the reason people watch this show…the dancing.  Overall, I was really disappointed and couldn’t be happier when the show was over.  Here is a quick play-by-play of the 11 dancers:

Chad – I was surprised he didn’t come off overly cocky, because that is part of his persona.  I thought he did a decent job for the first show.

Shannen – I thought her dancing was pretty bad (those arms flailing around), but I felt an emotional pull towards her.  I’d like to see her receive good praise and not be thought off as the bad girl.

Erin – All I kept thinking was that she had the longest arms in the world.  She did a good job and I think her pairing with Maks was smart.

Jake – I cannot make myself like this guy.  He did much better than I thought he would, but I’d be happy to see him leave early on. (Oh and enough with the shots of the “fiance” Vienna.)

Niecy – She’s a fun contestant and she’s confident.  Pairing with Louis gives her credibility.

Evan – Probably the best dance of the night, but I felt like I was watching him skate with his tight turns and weird leg extensions.

Buzz – He has some spunk, which was fun to see, but he looked like he was in a parade, stomping all around.

Nicole – Of course she is the favorite to win this trophy now.  She had a nice, classic routine.

Aiden – Oh poor Aiden.  He’s pretty charismatic and he’s nice to look at, but dancing is not his thing.

Kate – All I think when I look at her is fake.  I think everything she does is choreographed (not the dancing) and she looks mad all the time.  Even her laugh isn’t believable to me.

Pam – Oh dear lord.  I thought she had some moves, but really I thought the dance was awful.  What the heck was going on with that hair?  It’s a spectacle and is it just me or did she seem drunk throughout the whole show?

I didn’t really care for any of the dancing, I was paying more attention to the silly behavior of everyone.  Brooke Burke did a respectable job, but I still would liked to have seen someone else take over for Samantha Harris.

I watch the show because it’s usually fun, but I feel like the only reason I’m going to watch this season is for the drama.  I suppose that’s true for any reality show, but this group just doesn’t do it for me.


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