Dancing with the Stars results

6 Apr

It breaks my heart to say that we all have to put up with the scowl that is Kate Gosselin for another week on Dancing with the Stars.  The only good news is that at least America voted out the other worst “dancer” – Buzz Aldrin was sent packing on tonight’s results show.

Before I go into what I thought of last night’s show, I have to stress how much I do not feel sorry for Gosselin.  Every time a camera is anywhere near her, she feels the need to go into detail about how the paparazzi follow her and how awful they are.  While those two bits of information may be true, does she think she’s special?  She is in a competition with athletes and actors who have put up with the invasion of privacy for years, so give me a break!

Evan – I thought he was good, but he still has this look that makes him look uncomfortable.  If he continues to get high scores, I think he’ll come out of his shell a bit.

Buzz – He still couldn’t dance, but he’s redefined my idea of what marching looks like.

Jake – It annoyed me that he said Chelsie was being “disrespectful” during their tape package.  C’mon, Jake, get over it!  I still can’t like him and I’m definitely sick of seeing Vienna on-screen.

Niecy – I thought their tape package was beautiful.  I love that they took the time to address such an important topic.  I didn’t get that message in their dance though, but her and Louis have a great connection.

Chad – I’m surprised his posture is so bad.  Who else thinks something is going on with him and Cheryl?  At the end of every dance he looks like he’s about to kiss her.  And did Bruno really need to say, “Release the Kraken?”  Like that hasn’t been on TV enough!

Pam – I thought the performance was chaotic.  I get her sex-pot image, but her hair is so distracting.  I can’t concentrate on her dancing with the rat’s nest all over the place.

Aiden – He’s fun to look at, very smile oriented.  He seems to be coming into his own a little more, but has a long way to go. (I thought his upchuck moment was pretty funny too!)

Erin – Who wears a blindfold on live TV??  She did really well though.  She has such long arms and legs that her lines are beautiful.  Maks seems to totally dig her too.

Kate – That beginning facial gesture…ugh.  How does she even get a 5?  Buzz at least marched while he danced, she did nothing.  It isn’t a good sign when the judges commend you for “getting thru it.”

Nicole – That performance was amazing.  Whether it was the right dance or not didn’t matter to me.  I think if it would have been in the right category (like Len said) it would have gotten a 30.

Well here’s to next week and the hope that it’s the last we have to see of the Gosselin monster.


4 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars results”

  1. Cinematically-Correct April 8, 2010 at 2:53 pm #

    How about the random craziness on this show? Kate’s got a wheels off ex husband suing her over child custody, my girlfriend Erin Andrews is getting death threats, Pam Anderson is acting whore-ish…wait…I guess not everything is random. That last one is pretty standard operating procedure.

    • Carrie April 8, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

      There is definitely a lot of drama! I’m not a huge fan of this season, but I watch just so I’ll have something to write about!! I think the show needs to go back to some ‘normal’ contestants…or at least just a few.

      • Cinematically-Correct April 8, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

        What, you don’t think that Pam Anderson is normal? Hasn’t everyone gotten famous for dirty videos?

      • Carrie April 8, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

        I have magazines to read about the drama, I’d like to avoid it on DWTS.

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