American Idol update 4/13

13 Apr

Another Tuesday, another theme and another disappointing episode. 

I’m not saying that everyone was bad, but the overall quality just isn’t what it has been in the past.  This week the theme was Elvis and the mentor was season 8 finalist, Adam Lambert.  The cast of Glee could also be seen in the audience, a nice in-person plug of their spring premiere which followed Idol.

Up until he was giving advice, I was not thrilled with the idea of Lambert as a mentor.  But I will eat my words and say that he actually was probably the best mentor this season has seen.  He gave honest, constructive, useful feedback to the contestants.

Here is my breakdown of the singers:

Crystal – I won’t deny she is talented, but I can’t see her having a record that will sell to the masses.  What type of people would honestly buy her record?

Andrew – I actually thought that he showed more energy than he has all season.  His voice has a nice tone, but it never changes – it’s always the same sound.

Tim – He picked a great song, but it was still a bit on the boring side.  He had a few moments where he shined though.

Lee – Once again, he had a solid performance.  His voice is original and he should make a great record when the show is over.

Aaron – There is still something about this guy that is just not flowing.  He’s young and just doesn’t stand out.

Siobhan – She sounded like an old woman singing at the beginning of the song.  Then it seemed as if she started singing a completely different song, because she changed the entire way she sang.  The two parts just didn’t go together.

Michael – He has a good voice, but I find him to be boring.  He comes off as self-indulgent to me.

Katie – Again, another good voice, but the whole package isn’t working.

Casey – I wasn’t a fan of this performance.  There wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with it, but his vibrato stuck out more than usual and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else because of it.

2 contestants will go home on the elimination show and my guess is Andrew and either Aaron, Michael or Siobhan.


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