Another two bite the dust on American Idol

14 Apr

So after watching American Idol’s results show tonight, I can say that I batted a respectable .500 based on my posted  predictions of who I thought was going home.

Not too far into tonight’s show, Ryan Seacrest let the first of the two to-be eliminated contestants know that the end of the road had come.  Andrew Garcia received his walking papers and didn’t appear to be too shocked.  Andrew was my first pick for elimination, so I scored with that choice.

After performances from Season 7 contestant Brooke White and Justin Gaston and last night’s mentor, Adam Lambert, the ax fell on Katie Stevens.  She appeared to take it much harder than Garcia.  Katie butchered her swan song, understandable though as she was on the verge of tears the entire time.  I actually didn’t have Katie in my going home picks, but I’m not too disappointed by the decision.

The next mentor the contestants will have is Alicia Keys and next week will be the Idol Gives Back episode.  So the show is down to 7 singers, hopefully now things will start to get interesting.


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