One happy TV woman: Glee, Idol, DWTS

21 Apr

TV has been on an upswing this week with incredibly original and exciting shows like Glee and Lost.  Let’s not forget that the reality shows (American Idol, Dancing with the Stars) have finally gotten rid of the two people who’ve been destined for elimination for weeks now.

-I will start with what I think is one of the best episodes of television in a long time: the Madonna episode of Glee.  Not only did they center an entire episode around the music of Madge herself, but they brought depth and longing to the show’s tortured pseduo-couple of Rachel and Finn. 

They are no longer an item, but this was the first episode in the show’s short history where I actually felt that they worked as a couple.  Before this week’s show, I felt that their maybe-relationship was sort of contrived.  That feeling is long gone now though.  The hidden stares and the confessions of this pairing was palpable.  I have to say that I LOVE the addition of Jonathan Groff as Jesse though.  I know he can’t bring anything good to the kids at McKinley High, but I can’t wait to see what they do with his character!

Jane Lynch Emmy.  The Vogue video was insane.  Who even thinks of tackling a classic Madonna video, scene for scene?  Glee, creator Ryan Murphy and Lynch, that’s who.  She was beyond fantastic and that was just in the video.  Each week she continues to build upon the wonderfully written character of Sue Sylvester and hits it out of the park every time.

-I cannot believe that there are only five episodes of Lost remaining.  The Desmond centered episode from a few weeks back was incredible and I shed a tear this week during a scene that involved the reuniting of a certain married couple. 

Am I the only one who is dying to know who is the mom of Jack’s son is??  I’m pretty over Kate, so kinda hoping it’s not her.  I’m hearing that the finale of the show is going to be an extravaganza, something like 5 hours of programming devoted to the show (pre-show, show, Jimmy Kimmel). 

-As for Idol and DWTS, the curtain fell on Tim Urban and Kate Gosselin, respectively.  There was no way that Gosselin wasn’t going to get the ax this week, unless she was a magician of some sort.  Her tears at the end were definitely NOT pulling at my heartstrings.  I was ready for her to be voted off before the season even began. 

Urban had been able to escape the final elimination for weeks now, but his time came as well.  Up against Casey James in the bottom two, he left the show the way he came in: smiling.  The show is now left with six contestants and next week their job is to conquer the music of country superstar and Idol mentor, Shania Twain

-In other TV news, I’m loving where Bones and Fringe are going.


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