‘Glee’ is Beautiful

27 Apr

Tonight’s episode of Glee was, in one word, beautiful. 

Taking a step back from the normal Rachel-heavy (Lea Michele) episode, the show instead focused on family issues with Finn (Cory Monteith) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) and tackled what it’s like to not fit in. 

Amber Riley hit a home run tonight with her performance as Mercedes, the Glee club-turned-Cheerio, who must lose weight in order to remain a cheerleader.  She was given phenomenal material from writer Brad Falchuk.  Riley not only played Mercedes with vulnerability and strength, she showcased that her voice isn’t the only standout part of her repertoire. 

Back for a second time, Kristin Chenoweth graced the Glee crowd as former McKinley High student, April Rhodes.  Chenoweth is a glowing addition to the cast and having the opportunity to hear her angelic voice is always a bonus.  She also has wonderful chemistry with Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuster) and their duets are magical.

Scene stealer extraordinaire, Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), was on fire once again.  It’s always entertaining to see Lynch play Sylvester with a ruthless crudeness one minute and a glimpse of compassion another.  Her recipe for a diet drink was top-notch as well.

The song choices for tonight’s episode were also interesting.  Apart from Mercedes’ rendition of the Christina Aguilera hit, Beautiful, the other songs were from decades ago and sung mainly by Chenoweth and Morrison.

Overall, tonight’s episode was filled with extra doses of emotion and heart.  While the theme of this show is about a high school glee club, the underlying stories are about people, family and relationships.  Creator Ryan Murphy is always able to make viewers care about the characters and story on an entirely different level.


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