Tuesday night TV breakdown (seriously): LOST, DWTS, Idol, Glee

4 May

Where do I begin?  I guess I’ll start by warning that there are MAJOR spoilers ahead from many of the shows I’m about to discuss.  American Idol, Glee, DWTS and LOST have put me through the emotional wringer this week.

*I began by watching Idol and except for the last 15 minutes, the show was a waste of time.  I will make one exception for the other 45 minutes and that being the always charismatic Harry Connick, Jr. He had fun with the singers and even played the piano for each number.  The show is down to five contestants and three of them definitely made their case for elimination after tonight’s performances.  Aaron, Casey & Crystal will definitely make up your bottom three on Wednesday night.

Big Mike sang one of my all time favorite songs, The Way You Look Tonight, and he did Frank Sinatra proud.  I’m still not a passenger on the Big Mike train, but I’ll give him kudos for tonight’s song choice/performance.  The big winner once again, and soon to be season 9 winner, was Lee Dewyze.  The best whole package of the night, Lee won rave reviews from Connick and the judges, with two out of the four telling him this is his show to win.

*Glee, an on-the-rise juggernaut, began with an incredible Ice Ice Baby song & dance number courtesy of Mr. Schuster.  Oh to be Vanilla Ice, chillin’ (haha) at home and hearing another version of the song he probably wishes would go away forever.  MC Hammer, don’t be jealous, they tackled U Can’t Touch This too.  Would you expect any less?

Sue added another pop culture music video to her resume, this time joined by the one and only, Olivia Newton-John.  They remade her classic 80’s video, Let’s Get Physical.  It’s because of episodes like tonight’s that keep Sue humanized.  The scenes with her sister are touching and real and without them, Sue would be a one-note, albeit funny one-note, character.

*DWTS got rid of Pamela Anderson after numerous weeks in the bottom two.  She was joined by Erin Andrews and Maks.  I’m not sorry to see her go and I’m definitely not sorry to see her special lighting tape packages go either.  Is it just me or is the results show way too long and boring?

*LOST.  Give me a minute as I wipe away the tears that have been running down my face for two hours now.  I knew that the LOST cast was not going to remain in tact for the remainder of the season and I knew it was going to be a sad loss when I watched whoever that person might be who met their end, but it didn’t make tonight’s episode any easier to watch.

The deaths of Sun and Jin were heartbreaking.  Even after what I assumed would be their deaths when they reunited (did anyone else think that as they came together by the electric fence, it would zap them?), I didn’t think it would be Kwons who would lose their battle with the island.  I was convinced Kate was going to get the ax and not just because she was shot.  The only solace I have from tonight’s episode is that they died together.  It was beautiful and the LOST writers earned every bit of their paychecks with tonight’s episode.

I love that Sayid saved the day.  That whole redemption thing is really playing out, isn’t it?  My only teeny tiny grievance is that we didn’t get to see him again.  To lose 3, count them 3(!) original cast members in one episode was tough.  I’d like to think that none of them are officially out for good though.  Four episodes left, anything is possible.  This is LOST we’re talking about.


3 Responses to “Tuesday night TV breakdown (seriously): LOST, DWTS, Idol, Glee”

  1. Cinematically-Correct May 5, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    Lost had me sobbing…which deducts so many manly points.

    I too was sure Sayid was toast long ago, but both Jin & Sun at the same time? Painful. If you didn’t despise Flocke before that, you have to just hate his smokey guts now.

    • Carrie May 5, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

      Man or not, I think if someone didn’t feel emotional after watching that they’d be lying. It was just such great television. It’s writing and scenes like that, that make me love what I write about!

  2. susa1986 May 4, 2010 at 11:45 pm #

    Glee was awesome tonite!


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