My TV season wrap-up – Part 1 (House, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected)

22 May

May is here and that means the most recent television season has come to an end.  Season finales are usually filled with just enough drama to keep the viewer invested so that they return three months later.  This year’s group of shows really upped their games and were probably some of the best finales in quite a few seasons.

I wish I had enough time to watch every show that I love during the TV season, but that just isn’t possible.  I’ve picked some of the shows I love and have been devoted to all year to breakdown how they ended their seasons.  There will be some spoilers, so be warned.  The shows I will focus on are House, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Life Unexpected and LOST.  Part one of my series will include House, OTH and Life Unexpected.


This show never fails to deliver in the acting category, but the finale from this year was multi-layered and made many fans giddy.  Along with the pairing of Huddy (House/Cuddy), the episode showed a more vulnerable House, which is always a good way to make things interesting.  House is always the sarcastic, cold doctor, so when the writers show other sides to his character it allows for a deeper connection with the audience and makes room for more exciting storylines.

Hugh Laurie has never disappointed in this role and the finale just showed once again the brilliance of his talent.  The first episode of the season (House in the psychiatric ward) and the finale, seemed to bring him full circle.  Fans have been begging for a real, non-fantasy, coupling of Huddy and they definitely got what they asked for.  Who really thought that it wouldn’t happen eventually though?  It will be interesting to see where the writers pick up when the show returns in the fall – will it be right after the kiss or days/weeks/months later?  I’m not too bummed about Thirteen putting in her notice; her character just isn’t that appealing to me.  The other supporting cast had very little to do in the finale, which was really the only let down.  I’d like to see some of them get a good story to play next season that isn’t only about assisting House with diagnoses.

One Tree Hill:

I watched the first half of the season, but failed to watch many of the most recent episodes until the finale.  Knowing that it was a bubble show, which may not have been coming back, I wanted to see how it would/could end.  (The show was renewed).  I was kind of impressed with the finale.  Taking the show to Utah was a good change of pace and watching the character of Haley struggle with depression was good writing and acting.  Bethany Joy Galeotti is a good actress and it’s nice to see her be able to showcase that once in a while.  I’ll admit that I miss the Lucas/Peyton characters as they had been central to the show for years.  I think if the show wants to stick around it needs to change things up a bit.  The absence of Lucas and Peyton allowed for that somewhat, but it also changed how the other characters were and I’m not sure I cared for that.

Music has always been a big part of the show, but I could have done without the bit parts that took place at Tric in the finale.  It was too much like filler without the substance.  It also did not mesh well with the other storylines that were taking place in Utah.  I can’t help it, but I find it hysterical that Stephen Colletti from MTV’s Laguna Beach is still on this show in a guest star capacity.  How did that ever happen?  I have no idea what direction they plan on taking this show in next season, but I wouldn’t mind a return visit from the two original characters that left last season. 

Life Unexpected:

I don’t have too much to say on this one simply because it was only on for about 13 episodes.  I will say that I am stoked that it’s coming back for a second season though.  I think this show has great potential, a cast perfectly suited for The CW and great chemistry between the characters.  The cliffhanger, which aired over a month ago, was perfect in that it showcased a love triangle that is only bound to get more complicated now that more episodes have been ordered. 

My only criticism is that I need to like the main character, Lux, more.  I get that she is a troubled girl who was ditched by her parents only to have them come back into her life at 17, but she’s miserable most of the time and that doesn’t lend itself for rooting value.  Britt Robertson (Lux) has awesome chemistry with Kristoffer Polaha (Baze), who plays her dad.  She seems more relatable whenever she shares scenes with him, so hopefully the writers will continue on with that.  Now that the show has been picked up, it will need to expand on the characters and take them in new directions all while keeping the audience interested in the stories they’ve already begun to tell.

*Part 2 of the series will focus on Modern Family and Cougar Town.


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