My TV season wrap-up – Part 3 (Bones, Fringe)

25 May

May is here and that means the most recent television season has come to an end.  Season finales are usually filled with just enough drama to keep the viewer invested so that they return three months later.  This year’s group of shows really upped their games and were probably some of the best finales in quite a few seasons.

I wish I had enough time to watch every show that I love during the TV season, but that just isn’t possible.  I’ve picked some of the shows I love and have been devoted to all year to breakdown how they ended their seasons.  There will be some spoilers, so be warned.  The shows I will focus on are House, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Life Unexpected and FlashForward.  Part 3 of my series will focus on Bones and Fringe.


I’ve loved this show since it began five years ago, but I’m hoping what they tried in the finale will actually lead to some change.  Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) have been working side by side with sexual tension for years.  This past season, Booth finally admitted to Bones how he felt about her and she rejected him.  The 100th episode of the series, which focused on that reveal, was the beginning of change for the two.  Bones, a forensic anthropologist, has a difficult time relating to others. Booth, a FBI special agent, has been the one person who loves her for that and takes the time to teach her the socially acceptable way to behave around others.  When Booth revealed how he felt, Bones cried (which is highly uncharacteristic of her).

The following episodes up until the finale showed that even though Bones rejected him, that didn’t mean she didn’t have feelings for him.  The two main characters were given the opportunity to work apart and they decided it would be best to be separated for the one year that each project requested of them.  They said their final goodbye’s in an airport and although they didn’t share a kiss, the love could be felt even more because they didn’t.  The chemistry between the two characters is impalpable.

Obviously, the characters will not be split up for a year (hello, this is TV people!).  It will be exciting when the show comes back in the fall to see how they tackle the separation.  The supporting cast also dealt with changes in the finale and we’ll see if they go through transformations as well.  I’m a huge fan of the Hodgins/Angela relationship, so it was more than satisfying when they finally got married a few episodes ago.  The character of Sweets is hysterical and John Francis Daly (of Freaks and Geeks fame) was such a great addition to the cast a few seasons ago.


This show just finished up its sophomore season and it just keeps getting better.  Revolving around the fringe division of the FBI, the show tackles the unexplainable.  The cast is filled with veterans and newcomers alike.  John Noble is so deserving of an Emmy for his role as Dr. Walter Bishop that it boggles my mind he hasn’t even been nominated yet.  He has fantastic chemistry with his on-screen son, played by Joshua JacksonAnna Torv is a little one-dimensional for my liking, but toward the end of season two she’s been given more emotional scenes to play, which I like.

Along with the presence of fringe science and the ridiculously insane things that the characters come across, the show deals with two alternate universes.  Peter (Jackson) found out that he is not from the universe we all know of, but the alternate universe.  Walter was responsible and Peter travels to that other place.  Walter and Olivia (Torv) go to find him and Olivia reveals her feelings toward Peter once she finds him. 

The problem with the alternate universe is that there are doubles of everyone.  Whoever is in one universe is also in the other, but just because the outside may look the same, the people couldn’t be more different.  Olivia was captured in the finale and her double went back to the other universe with Peter and Walter, but no one knows of the switch. 

The stories on this show are outlandish, but so well executed.  Most of the characters could easily be cartoons of a character, but they are developed in such a way that gives them diverse layers.  As much as I think I want to see a Peter-Olivia relationship, I don’t know how I feel about it.  Luckily, with the switch that took place, the relationship will be postponed somewhat (at least with the real Olivia).  The decision to move the show to Thursdays resulted in a pretty large slashing of the number of viewers, but it is paired with a great lead-in in Bones.  Hopefully, season 3 will be a breakout season for the show said to resemble an X-Files type series.

*Part 4 will focus on Grey’s Anatomy and FlashForward

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