My TV season wrap-up – Part 4 (Grey’s Anatomy, FlashForward)

28 May

May is here and that means the most recent television season has come to an end.  Season finales are usually filled with just enough drama to keep the viewer invested so that they return three months later.  This year’s group of shows really upped their games and were probably some of the best finales in quite a few seasons.

I wish I had enough time to watch every show that I love during the TV season, but that just isn’t possible.  I’ve picked some of the shows I love and have been devoted to all year to breakdown how they ended their seasons.  There will be some spoilers, so be warned.  The shows I will focus on are House, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Life Unexpected and FlashForward.  The final part of my series will focus on Grey’s Anatomy and the now defunct FlashForward.

Grey’s Anatomy:

The two-hour finale of Grey’s definitely reinvigorated the show as it ended its sixth season.  Creator Shonda Rhimes threw caution to the wind and wrote an episode that was filled with emotional good-bye’s, drama and mystery.  Having a shooter enter the hospital and take the lives of many characters was risky, but it totally paid off. 

Grey’s has been more popular the last few years for the behind the scenes and off-screen drama than for its storylines and artistic qualities.  With most of the buzzworthy actors now gone from the show (Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight), the cast and crew can get back to what this show started out as: a fun, medical drama with an ensemble cast that draws viewers in for the story as well as the superficial attraction to the actors.

Some of the best acting from the last few years was on display in the finale.  Chandra Wilson gave an Emmy worthy performance as she watched one of her fellow doctors die in her arms.  The acting from the other cast members was top-notch as well, but the bigger story was the story.  Derek was shot, Meredith was pregnant…and miscarried, Owen chose Cristina, Alex called out for Izzie, Arizona and Callie decide to have a family, etc. 

The drama and character development in the finale alone should provide for much entertaining material next season.  I love the addition of Jesse Williams to the cast and look forward to what they have in store for him next.  I like Sarah Drew as an actress, but her role on Grey’s has been rough for me.  Her character has been very whiney and I’d like to see her grow a bit and the finale gave the perfect opportunity for that if she returns for season seven.


I am absolutely bummed that this show will not be around for a second season.  I think there were just too many creative changes behind the scenes for a real shot here.  It also didn’t help that they took a very lengthy break half-way into the season.  This show was dubbed as the next LOST, but never caught on with viewers. 

Basically, the show was about a worldwide blackout that occurred and no one knew why or how it happened.  Over the season, the FBI got involved and it was revealed that there were double agents and others trying  to make sure that the answers were never found.  I don’t think the plot was as confusing as some made it out to be.  The problem was that many of the resolutions didn’t come until the last three or four episodes.

As I watched the final episode, I could definitely see a future for the show, but that’s just not going to happen.  I would love to know how the writers intended for the story to progress.  The show was built of an ensemble cast that included veterans from LOST (Sonya Walger, Dominic Monaghan) and other established actors (Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Courtney B. Vance).  I really think the show started to come into its own and it’s a shame that the full vision won’t be realized.

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