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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart At BAFTA Awards

22 Feb

Rob Pattinson was a presenter over the weekend at the BAFTA Awards and Kristin Stewart took home the Orange Rising Star Award.  All Twilight fans relish the opportunity to see their two favorite stars in the same place at the same time.

Stewart was as awkward as ever upon receiving her award.  Personally, I think the awkwardness is a little strange, but it makes her different.  She stands out from all the other young actresses out there today and wouldn’t most of her female competition love to have something that makes them stand apart from the rest?  When she tries, she has the potential to look beautiful.  The dress was nice, but not exactly the best fit for her.  Also, her hair has been a huge topic in the press.  Between the BAFTA’s and her most recent movie premiere, The Yellow Handkerchief, she has managed to wash, brush and style her hair – as much as she is capable of at least.  It’s a nice change of pace to see her looking the part of a successful Hollywood starlet.

Pattinson on the other hand was dressed well, but oh that hair!  When I first saw photos from before the ceremony began, I didn’t know what to say.  My first thought was – his hair is actually parted!  But after that first impression, all I noticed was how the hair either looked exceptionally greasy or just wet.  I’m used to seeing Pattinson with a bouffant style hairdo, regardless of whether he’s styled it or not.

Stewart and Pattinson were photographed leaving an after party in the same car.  Cue thousands of young girls screaming!  This Twilight twosome has redefined how Hollywood couples are capable of keeping some parts of their lives private.  Who knows whether they will ever completely fuss up about their relationship, but I think it’s great how they are able to keep the public guessing while they live their lives on their own terms.

I’m a fan of Stewart’s acting chops.  She’s made a lot of indie movies that even she has admitted not many people see.  I’ve seen a lot of her work such as, Panic Room, The Cake Eaters, The Messengers, Adventureland and Twilight, just to name a few.  I think she gets a bad rap simply because she isn’t flaunting herself all over Hollywood and oh having that other little thing – Rob.  She’ll come into her own eventually and people will give her the credit she’s due. 

I’ve actually seen a couple of Rob’s movies outside of Twilight and I’m not fully convinced of his acting abilities just yet.  How to Be was awful, beyond awful in my opinion.  Little Ashes was definitely a step up, but I felt uncomfortable watching him in that movie.  His acting was much better in the second half of that film than the first.  I hear that Remember Me will showcase what he is capable of  though.  I’m looking forward to seeing it and seeing him outside of Twilight  or some of the other period pieces he’s done.

It will be interesting to see what these two rising stars do once the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, is completed and released.  It should be interesting to see!