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I’m Baaackk!

26 Oct

So almost four months to the day, I’ve returned to my blog.  With school and work, I was just finding less time to keep up with my writing.  The funny thing is that in my time away, I felt like something was missing and I think it was this…

I’ve gotten some emails over the last few months asking when I’d start writing again and to those people, thank you for remaining interested in what I do/have done. 

Probably a good thing I’m starting up again, because as all of us movie lovers know, awards season is right around the corner.  So, I’m back now, ready to go and I hope to hear from you all again!!


Same Blog, Different Look

3 Jul

Hey readers!

I made a big change to the color and theme of my blog, but I want to assure everyone that nothing else has changed.  I had been wanting to change things up for a while and a suggestion from one of my fellow bloggers made me jump into action.

I can’t wait for the new TV season to start; only a couple of months to go!  I’m falling a bit behind in my movie reviews, so bear with me as I try to knock those out over the next few weeks.

I also wanted to toss a new picture up here too.  My cousin was in town and I got a chance to spend a little bit of time with her and the rest of my family. 

Photo By: Carrie Holtz

Is Hollywood out of good ideas?

25 Mar

With as much talent and productivity that floats around Hollywood on any given day, why does it seem that all the writers, producers and executives are out of new and original ideas?

Over the last decade, there have been a rash of films made that were based on television shows (i.e. Charlie’s Angels, Dukes of Hazzard, Get Smart).  That is somewhat acceptable, given that the production values are usually so much greater and it brings a whole new fan base to the show/movie.  However, film remakes are coming out of the woodwork like crazy these days. 

Simply remaking a film that was only released 20-25 years ago is laziness in my opinion…or greed.  There are so many screenwriters out there with original scripts, but Hollywood is focused on making movies that bring in guaranteed money.  That’s a sad thing, because not only is it saying that the industry doesn’t care about the art of filmmaking, it’s saying that they’d rather bank on used material than gamble on creativity.

A couple of 1980’s films getting a redo this year are Karate Kid (starring one of Will Smith‘s sons) and Nightmare on Elm Street (with a completely new Freddy Kruger).  I just don’t get this.  Karate Kid is so iconic to myself and the group of people who grew up in the 80’s.  Mr. Miagi is dead and Daniel is a middle-aged man now.  If you are only going to take a theme from a movie, then rename the damn thing.  By using the name and not the characters that made a film famous, studios are just riding on the coattails of an established brand.

Nightmare on Elm Street is going to be on reincarnation 100 by the time this film comes out.  I’m a huge Jackie Earle Haley fan, but he doesn’t even slightly resemble Robert Englund‘s Kruger.  The most recent Freddy film came out within the last ten years, so to switch up one of the most popular villans in all of film is really risky.

A few weeks ago Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Jennifer Lopez was attached to a possible remake of the Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell film, Overboard.  That news is what prompted my desire to write this post.  I am one of the few Overboard fans, which can usually be seen on TBS or TNT more than a few time every month, but do I want to see it remade…and with Lopez?  Absolutely not.  Movies like Overboard were and are perfectly suited to the 1980’s.  Changing it up to reflect 2010 is just unnecessary.

Police Academy, Arthur and Pet Semetary are a few of the other films either in pre-production or being talked about as potential projects.  I get that H-wood is all about money – how much you can make, how much you can get people to spend, but the same can be achieved by producing original projects.  Look at Avatar, not a remake of anything, is probably going to top $2 billion by the time it leaves theaters for good.

A quick sidenote about TV remakes: they are even worse than movie remakes.  The CW took two hugely popular FOX dramas and made them contemporary with 90210 and Melrose Place.  Again, if you want to have similar concepts, find a way to do so and make it your own.  I think it’s pretty funny that these networks really don’t have anything better to put on TV.

I’ll admit that I’ve been entertained by some remakes (Ocean’s Eleven), but that doesn’t mean that the box office should be dominated by recycled material.  Not only is it boring, but it’s uninventive.  Dust off those scripts you have lying around, H-wood; I’m sure there’s something in there worth a look!

Who Deserves To Win Best Picture?

6 Mar

While I was watching Avatar for the first time today, I was conflicted.  As I sat in theater, taking in all the magic that James Cameron created, I couldn’t help but compare the movie to another vying for an Oscar on Sunday: The Hurt Locker.

Here is where I’m torn – I loved Hurt Locker.  I thought it was brave and real and strong.  Avatar was beautiful in a visual aspect, but does making almost two billion dollars equal excellence in filmmaking?

I think Cameron should win every technological award out there for his effects and invention of “performance capture technology.”  Given that, I can’t say that his story equals the emotional hold I felt towards ‘Locker.’  This is a time when I’m glad I’m not an Academy voter.  These are two completely different types of films.

Kathryn Bigelow‘s film allowed every emotion to be felt, while making a war movie not feel like a war movie.  It was about the characters and the words they spoke.  Cameron’s film is less about story and more about special effects.  If you take away the effects, what would Avatar be?  Even an Oscar winner like Lord of the Rings had a fleshed out story to back up the effects.

I don’t know that there is a right or wrong answer here.  I just don’t know how to differentiate between the two incredible films.

What do you think??

Spoiling TV?

3 Mar

After Monday’s Bachelor ended, I started to think about whether spoilers are good for a show or not.  Do viewers appreciate knowing part or all of what is going to happen on their favorite shows?

For weeks now, there had been rumors of who Jake picked in the finale of The Bachelor.  There is a website,, that announced who the final three ladies were and then the winner.  I actually learned about this site through a friend and I didn’t believe that he was going to be right.  However, each week I watched the show, his predictions and insight were never wrong.  By the last episode though, I was over it.  I knew by that point that the predictions were going to be dead on and I really had no reason to watch it.  Don’t get me wrong, I did, but only because I wanted to see the drama of the pick more than the pick itself.

I’m all for spoilers on my favorite shows, but I think there is a line of maybe divulging too much information.  My favorite website for TV spoilers is Watch with Kristin.  She finds out the information that fans are asking for.  I really think her site is all about the fans; she is constantly having polls to determine which shows are the most popular or in demand.  I think the point of a spoiler is to give you just enough inside scoop that leaves you longing for more.  Plus, it gives you reason to watch a particular episode that might showcase a big event or a great guest star.

ABC‘s Lost is a great example.  I love Lost and just like many other people who watch this show, it is forever confusing.  I like being surprised and shocked by what happens when I watch though.  If I went to Kristin’s website and found information that ruined things for me, watching the show wouldn’t be the same. 

I think spoilers also give you a feeling of being behind the scenes.  It’s as if you are right there with the cast and production crew and can understand what is taking place based on the spoiler dirt.  To each their own, I suppose.  Some people don’t like knowing anything about their shows, but I like having a taste, just not the whole meal.

The Blah Of Lady Gaga

25 Feb

I won’t be surprised if I get a lot of flack for what I’m about to say, but I’m okay with that.  I like Lady Gaga‘s music, but cannot stand her fashion.

Take this picture taken at the Grammy Awards.  She is holding the a death star in one hand, being circled by the rings of Jupiter and I don’t even have words for the shoes.  Look, I know I am not the most fashion forward of people, but I just don’t get how these things constitute good fashion choices.

Everyone is praising her for being a beacon of fashion, but why?  She wears costumes made out of Kermit the Frog’s puppet heads and large plastic shaped bubbles. 

Her image is part of what makes her popular though.  In the music industry or any entertainment industry really, you need to stand out.  She has taken standing out into a whole new stratosphere.  I’ve seen a couple photos of her au naturel and I’ve got to say she looks a thousand times better than the whatever outrageous personality she chooses to take on.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and some DJ was talking about her and her keen fashion sense; I wanted to scream.  I understand that some people take fashion as being an expression of art, but what happens when it becomes more laughable than commendable?

How To Pick A Good SNL Host

24 Feb

Saturday Night Live has been having a rough season so far.  Out of the 14 or so celebs that have hosted this season, there are only two that have been very good. 

Taylor Swift and Jon Hamm each brought an energy and excitement to the show that has been missing otherwise.  Swift’s monologue was original and set the tone for a great show.  Hamm’s hosting duties were fun and whenever you can incorporate the musical guest in a way that works, is even better.  Hamm and Michael Bublé’s restaurant skit about “Hamm & Bublé” was funny from top to bottom.  The play on Bublés last name, pronouncing it like bubbly, was genius.

Aside from those few hits, there have been a huge range of misses.  Nothing better explains that than January Jones’ appearance.  Her monologue was painful to watch.  I honestly felt bad for her, because she was that bad.  I can’t imagine the thoughts going through the minds of the cast that week.  Drew Barrymore, normally a riot, was not good TV either.

There is such a range of comedic and non-comedic talent out there.  A few weeks ago they had Ashton Kutcher on again (fourth time hosting, I think).  I like Kutcher, but how about something fresh and new.  Jennifer Lopez is hosting this Saturday and is doubling as the musical guest.  I already had a few apprehensions about this choice, but now she has parted ways with her record label.  Where will that leave her with song choice?  Are we going to hear a hit from the late ’90’s?

On March 6, I will definitely be tuning in.  They got it right with this choice of host: Zach Galifianakis.  He is one of the newest comedy go-to guys out there right now.  After the success of The Hangover, he is a perfect choice.  The following week’s host will be Jude Law.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  The last time I remember him hosting was when the debacle known as the ‘Ashlee Simpson incident” occurred. 

I want to see exciting hosts.  There had been lots of talk of SNL trying to get Robert Pattinson earlier this season, but who do we get instead?  Taylor Lautner.  I would rather of waited for the day they got RPattz, then settling for Lautner.  There are so many good comedies on TV right now, how about trying to score someone from The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family

The choices don’t always have to be obvious either.  Sometimes the funnier hosts are the ones without a specific comedy background.  Personally, I think it wouldn’t hurt the cast to expand a bit either.  The cast is so small now and is filled with the same people in sketch after sketch.  Plus, you can’t tell me there aren’t more talented women in this country for Lorne Michaels to find.  How about making even one of them a regular and not just a feature player.  Kristen Wiig is probably not only burnt out, but viewers are burnt out on her.

This year is celebrating 35 years of SNL.  It would be great to see them act like they are trying to promote the milestone with better shows.