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New Movie Friday 10/29/10

29 Oct

What are you doing this weekend?  Want to check out a new movie?

Here is what’s new in theaters on Friday 10/29/10:

Saw 3D – Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor
                     Kevin Greutert (director)


Night of the Demons – Michael Copon, Shannon Elizabeth
                                                     Adam Gierasch (director)


Welcome to the Rileys – Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini
                                                         Jake Scott (director)
                                                         *Limited Release


Wild Target – Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy
                                Jonathan Lynn (director)
                                *Limited Release

DVD Release Tuesday 7/20/10

20 Jul

So all of you hard-core movie fans out there know what every Tuesday is, right?  It is new DVD release day.  I look forward to this day every week and I always have my Netflix set up ahead of time to make sure I get the newest flicks that are out there.  Here’s a short list of what is coming out today:

Cop Out – Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan
The Runaways – Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning
The Losers – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Idris Elba


Degrassi: The Next Generation – Season 9
Jersey Shore – Season 1
Matlock – Season 5
My Boys – Seasons 2 & 3

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Review

3 Jul

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Director: David Slade

Three movies.  Three directors.  Three monstrous collaborations between Summit Entertainment and author extraordinaire, Stephenie MeyerThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse is the latest chapter in the tortured love story of a young woman and her vampire soul mate.

The third film picks up shortly after the previous film, New Moon, ended.  Bella (Kristen Stewart) has been reunited with Edward (Robert Pattinson) and they are basking in their young love and planning for a life in which they will never again be separated.  Bella is still struggling with the fact that in order to live a life with Edward she had to hurt her best friend, Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

The opening shots of the film are not of Bella or her voice, which had been the case for the previous two films, but of new character Riley (Xavier Samuel).  The beginning sequence provides the viewer with the necessary back story on Riley, who is one of the main villains in this latest Twilight tale.  It details his transformation from human to immortal, which will continue to play out as the film unfolds.

Bella and Edward are enjoying their freedoms and taking advantage of their time together.  Edward reminds Bella that his parents gave her plane tickets for her last birthday to visit her mother and that they are about to expire.  The couple travel to Florida where Bella has a chance to bond with her mother.  It isn’t lost on her that this could be one of the final moments she ever spends with her as a living, breathing human. 

When the two return home to Forks, Bella has a run-in with Jacob.  He meets her at her school to warn her that Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) has been around and that she should be on her guard.  Bella is stunned by this news, because she knows that Edward was fully aware that danger was near and kept it from her.  Putting aside her feelings toward Edward, Bella begins in on Jacob and his lack of communication in their friendship.  Determined to right her wrongs, she leaves with him in hopes of repairing their damaged relationship.

Edward and his family begin a training regime led by Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), in hopes of preparing everyone for Victoria.  On top of her awaited arrival, the Cullens are preparing for something even worse.  They learn that someone other than Victoria has been in Bella’s home and worry that either the Volturi or another vampire clan is on their way to start a battle.

While training and anticipating a potential war, Bella and Edward use some of their alone time to solidify their bond to one another.  Edward asks Bella to marry him and she agrees, but in return he must be the one who changes her to vampire after graduating from high school.  She also decides that she wants to experience one more thing before losing her human life and that is to be intimate with Edward.  He is against even the mere idea of it, because he knows it would be too dangerous.  After a lengthy conversation, he agrees to try, but only after saying “I do.”

The Cullens and the wolf pack come together to battle Victoria and the other vampires.  Edward and Jacob work as one to protect Bella by bringing her to the top of a mountain, away from the upcoming action.  The men have a heated, but personal, conversation of their own as they try to see what it must be like for the other when they both love the same woman.  Bella finds herself in a position she would have been happy to ignore as Jacob learns her secret and threatens to act foolishly in the vampire war.

The triangle comes to a head as Bella gives in for a brief moment to her feelings for Jacob, only to realize that she’s already made her decision.  The battle begins with Victoria on a path of destruction; she only has eyes for Bella and her undoing.  While the Cullens and pack tackle the vampire army, Edward is in the line of fire and will do everything he can to protect the love of his life.

I liked the story, the action and the romance of this film.  I thought the film was more belivable than the last two and it definitely was action packed.  I know that the books are incredibly lengthy, but I felt like screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, crammed way to much of the book into the first quarter of the picture.  All of the high school stuff seemed pushed in and wasn’t developed very well. 

Director David Slade definitely put his stamp on this film and I think he did a superb job.  He turned a film that had the potential to just follow suit into a quasi-realistic, action-packed, fast paced vampire love story.  My only complaint is the decision for the close-up camera shots.  When I can see up a character’s nose, on more than one occasion, I think it might be time to zoom out a bit.  I can understand the need for close-ups on certain scenes or shots, but way too many of the Bella/Edward moments were uncomfortable because of the camera proximity.

I had hoped for a bit more in the bedroom scene, where the full proposal takes place.  More explanation as to why Bella wanted to experience intimacy with Edward before becoming immortal would have been entertaining.  The tent scene wasn’t bad, but again, I wanted more emotion.  That is probably my biggest complaint of this film is the way the emotion played out.  When Bella is on the verge of admitting her feelings to Jacob, I wanted tears or something to show what she was feeling.  Stewart has acting chops, so it would have been nice to pull them out then.

Unfortunately, I felt that Jacob was extremely unlikable in this film.  I know he was the third wheel through most of the film and story, but there wasn’t much rooting value for him even as a character.  I thought Pattinson’s acting improved tremendously in this film and am excited to see what he does in the final two films.  There wasn’t much wolf pack in this film either and I definitely felt that void.  The character of Charlie (Billy Burke) is always a bright spot in these films and his birds and the bees talk with Bella was classic.

I really liked the original Twilight and didn’t care much for New Moon.  I can say that I was happy with the directon of this film and think that Slade is probably a big reason for that.  Getting back to some of the romantic aspects of this story was integral in this film in order to build toward the climax of the final two films.  Hopefully with the book being broken down into two films, it will allow an opportunity to hit on more moments from the book and leave fans with a smile on their face.



New Movie Friday 7/02/10

1 Jul

What are you doing this weekend?  Want to check out a new movie?

Here is what’s new in theaters on Friday 7/02/10:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
                                                                  David Slade (director)
                                                                 *Released Wednesday 6/30


The Last Airbender – Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone
                                                 M. Night Shyamalan (director)
                                                *Released Thursday 7/01


Love Ranch – Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci
                                Taylor Hackford (director)
                                *Limited Release
                                Released Wednesday 6/30



2010 Teen Choice Award Nominees

14 Jun

The award show with possibly the coolest trophy out there, a surfboard, released its list of nominees today.  The 2010 Teen Choice Awards, hosted by Katy Perry, will be handed out on August 9, 2010. 

Awards are handed in out in categories such as movies, television, sports, comedy and music.  Each category is then broken down into subcategories which allows for multiple nominations for some and for a record number of total nominees.


Choice Movie: Action Adventure
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Robin Hood
Sherlock Holmes
The Losers

Choice Movie Actor: Action Adventure
Nicolas Cage, Kick-Ass
Russell Crowe, Robin Hood
Matt Damon, Green Zone
Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes
Channing Tatum, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Choice Movie Actress: Action Adventure
Cate Blanchett, Robin Hood
Mila Kunis, The Book of Eli
Rachel McAdams, Sherlock Holmes
Sienna Miller, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Zoe Saldana, The Losers

Choice Movie: Sci-Fi
District 9
Iron Man 2
The Time Traveler’s Wife

Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi
Sharlto Copley, District 9
John Cusack, 2012
Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 2
Jude Law, Repo Men
Sam Worthington, Avatar

Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi
Scarlett Johansson, Iron Man 2
Rachel McAdams, The Time Traveler’s Wife
Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man 2
Amanda Peet, 2012
Zoe Saldana, Avatar

Choice Movie: Fantasy
Alice in Wonderland
Clash of the Titans
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie Actor: Fantasy
Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Sam Worthington, Clash of the Titans

Choice Movie Actress: Fantasy
Gemma Arterton, Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Rosario Dawson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Wonderland
Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Choice Movie: Drama
The Blind Side
Dear John
The Last Song
Remember Me
The Runaways

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Jake Gyllenhaal, Brothers
Tobey Maguire, Brothers
Robert Pattinson, Remember Me
Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker
Channing Tatum, Dear John

Choice Movie Actress: Drama
Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Miley Cyrus, The Last Song
Dakota Fanning, The Runaways
Amanda Seyfried, Dear John
Kristen Stewart, The Runaways

Choice Movie: Romantic Comedy
The Back-up Plan
Just Wright
Letters to Juliet
The Proposal
Valentine’s Day

Choice Movie Actor: Romantic Comedy
Gerard Butler, The Ugly Truth, The Bounty Hunter
Josh Duhamel, When in Rome
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (500) Days of Summer
Ashton Kutcher, Valentine’s Day
Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal

Choice Movie Actress: Romantic Comedy
Kristen Bell, When in Rome
Sandra Bullock, The Proposal
Queen Latifah, Valentine’s Day, Just Wright
Jennifer Lopez, The Back-up Plan
Amanda Seyfried, Letters to Juliet

Choice Movie: Comedy
Date Night
Get Him to the Greek
Hot Tub Time Machine
She’s Out of My League

Choice Movie Actor: Comedy
Russell Brand, Get Him to the Greek
Steve Carell, Date Night
Jonah Hill, Get Him to the Greek
Ashton Kutcher, Killers
Chris Rock, Death at a Funeral

Choice Movie Actress: Comedy
Kristen Bell, Couples Retreat
Lizzy Caplan, Hot Tub Time Machine
Tina Fey, Date Night
Zoe Saldana, Death at a Funeral
Emma Stone, Zombieland

Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Paranormal Activity
Shutter Island
The Stepfather

Choice Movie Actor: Horror/Thriller
Penn Badgley, The Stepfather
Adam Brody, Jennifer’s Body
Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island
Jackie Earle Haley, A Nightmare on Elm Street
Micah Sloat, Paranormal Activity

Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller
Katie Cassidy, Nightmare on Elm Street
Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body
Audrina Patridge, Sorority Row
Michelle Williams, Shutter Island
Rumer Willis, Sorority Row

Choice Movie: Animated
How to Train Your Dragon
The Princess and the Frog
Shrek Forever After
Toy Story 3

Choice Movie: Villain
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Stephen Lang, Avatar
Rachelle Lefevre, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kick-Ass
Mickey Rourke, Iron Man 2

Choice Movie: Dance
Sandra Bullock and Betty White, The Proposal
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, The Last Song
Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 2
Tina Fey and Steve Carell, Date Night
Michael Jackson, This Is It


Choice TV Show: Drama
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Choice TV Actor: Drama
Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl
Ken Baumann, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl
Daren Kagasoff, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Tristan Wilds, 90210

Choice TV Actress: Drama
Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill
Blake Lively, Gossip Girl
Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl
Olivia Wilde, House
Shailene Woodley, The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Choice TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
The Vampire Diaries

Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Josh Holloway, Lost
Joshua Jackson, Fringe
Ryan Kwanten, True Blood
Tom Welling, Smallville
Paul Wesley, The Vampire Diaries

Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Evangeline Lilly, Lost
Hayden Panettiere, Heroes
Anna Paquin, True Blood
Anna Torv, Fringe

Choice TV Show: Action
Burn Notice
Human Target
NCIS: Los Angeles

Choice TV Actor: Action
Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice
Zachary Levi, Chuck
LL Cool J, NCIS: Los Angeles
Kiefer Sutherland, 24
Mark Valley, Human Target

Choice TV Actress: Action
Gabrielle Anwar, Burn Notice
Mary Lynn Rajskub, 24
Daniela Ruah, NCIS: Los Angeles
Katee Sackhoff, 24
Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck

Choice TV Show: Comedy
The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
Sonny with a Chance
Wizards of Waverly Place

Choice TV Actor: Comedy
Steve Carell, The Office
Jonas Brothers, JONAS
Sterling Knight, Sonny With a Chance
Cory Monteith, GLEE
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Choice TV Actress: Comedy
Miranda Cosgrove, iCarly
Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory
Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place
Demi Lovato, Sonny With a Chance
Lea Michele, GLEE

Choice TV: Animated Show
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
Family Guy
South Park
Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Choice TV: Reality Show
The Hills
Jersey Shore
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
The Price of Beauty
Taking The Stage

Choice TV: Reality Competition Show
American Idol
America’s Next Top Model
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew

Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star
Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio, Jersey Shore
Lee DeWyze, American Idol
Brody Jenner, The Hills
Bret Michaels, Celebrity Apprentice
Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, Jersey Shore

Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star
Crystal Bowersox, American Idol
Kristin Cavallari, The Hills
Lauren Conrad, The Hills
The Kardashians, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jersey Shore

Choice TV: Villain
Russell Hantz, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains
Jane Lynch, Glee
Terry O’Quinn, Lost
Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl


Choice Music: Male Artist
Justin Bieber
Jason Derulo
Adam Lambert

Choice Music: Female Artist
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Choice Music: Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Selena Gomez & The Scene
New Boyz
Young Money

Choice Music: Rap Artist
Pit Bull

Choice Music: R&B Artist
Alicia Keys
Trey Songz

Choice Music: Rock Group
Kings of Leon

Choice Music: Male Country Artist
Luke Bryan
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Darius Rucker
Keith Urban

Choice Music: Female Country Artist
Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Gretchen Wilson

Choice Music: Country Group
Lady Antebellum
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band


Choice Athlete: Male
David Beckham (Soccer)
Drew Brees (Football)
LeBron James (Basketball)
Apolo Anton Ohno (Speedskating)
Albert Pujols (Baseball)

Choice Athlete: Female
Candace Parker (Basketball)
Danica Patrick (Auto Racing)
Misty May Treanor (Volleyball)
Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)
Serena Williams (Tennis)

Choice Action Sports Athlete: Male
Travis Pastrana (Motocross)
Kevin Pearce (Snowboarding)
Ryan Sheckler (Skateboarding)
Kelly Slater (Surfing)
Shaun White (Snowboarding)

Choice Action Sports Athlete: Female
Torah Bright (Snowboarding)
Sarah Burke (Skiing)
Ashley Fiolek (Motocross)
Maya Gabeira (Surfing)
Hannah Teter (Snowboarding)


Choice Comedian
Aziz Ansari
Ellen DeGeneres
Jimmy Fallon
Chelsea Handler
George Lopez

MTV Movie Award Winners & Recap

6 Jun

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards have come and gone.  Aside from the Twilight domination, the highlight has to be Tom Cruise as uber-producer, Les Grossman.  Cruise reprised his Tropic Thunder role in a few award show promos leading up to tonight’s live broadcast and the character continued during the show.

The beginning of the show had the foul-mouthed producer in a skit with both Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson and also in a separate skit with Michael Cera.  Later on in the show, Grossman cuts in on an Ed Helms-Ken Jeong musical performance with his own dance number.  He was surprisingly incredible.  He got down to a Ludacris jam and then was joined onstage by Jennifer Lopez and they did a dance number…together!  Tom Cruise had a huge moment for his career on the show tonight.

Sandra Bullock was awarded the “Generation” award tonight.  Bradley Cooper, Betty White and Scarlett Johansson handled the introductions and Bullock’s speech was perfect.  She asked people to “get back to normal.”  She also demanded that people go back to making fun of her.  Definitely a class act, Bullock gave another reason for America to love her so much.

Aziz Ansari hosted the festivities tonight and he was great.  He has a specific sense of humor and used that to his advantage.  Whether doing bits with Justin Bieber and Zach Galifianakis or pretending to be R.Kelly, he brought a modern humor to the show and it was more relevant than it has been in years. 

Many of the presenter pairings were clichéd and not very funny, but Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell hanging from wires as Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson presented an award was kind of amusing. 

There were two world premiere film clips shown and as I’m not a fan of the Harry Potter series, I can’t really comment on that one.  The Twilight trifecta presented an unseen clip from the June 30 film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  I didn’t think it was anything to write home about.  It wasn’t very exciting and I’ve yet to see one trailer for this film that looks promising.  I will still see the movie, but I’m definitely getting worried.

Speaking of Twilight related business, Pattinson and Kristen Stewart cleaned house tonight.  Along with a win for Best Movie, they each won their respective categories for Best Male/Best Female and they captured the Best Kiss category for the second year in a row.  The couple messed around with the audience again as to whether they were going to kiss onstage and after some false starts, Rob planted a quick peck on Kristen.

There were two musical performances during the broadcast by Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera.  Perry’s performance was quite fun and catchy, whereas Aguilera’s was just not that great. 

The awkward moment of the night goes to Jason Segal when he declared to iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove that he was a huge fan of her show while they presented together.  Second place in the awkward category would go to Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens when during the Best Kiss category, they threw up a “Kiss Cam” and she tried to kiss him and he kind of backed away.  The tear-jerker moment oddly enough goes to Ken Jeong when he accepted his award for Best WTF Moment.  He started to cry as he thanked his wife who just recently battled breast cancer. 

The censors definitely had to be on their game tonight, as well, as most of the night was filled with the obligatory “bleeps” as the f-bomb was dropped a record number of times throughout the evening.  Overall, I think the show was a success.  I guarantee that the most talked about story will probably be Tom Cruise’s performance, followed closely by the always constant Twilight gossip.

Here is a list of the winners:

**While listing these I just realized that the show didn’t air the Best Fight category.  I’m not sure why, but am going to guess that it was time dictated.

BEST MOVIE – The Twilight Saga: New Moon






BEST FIGHT – Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter

BEST KISS – Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson


GLOBAL SUPERSTAR (New Category) – Robert Pattinson


BIGGEST BADASS STAR (New Category) – Rain

MTV Movie Award Nominations

12 May

Today was an eventful day in the world of award show nominations.  Along with the Daytime Emmy Awards, the MTV Movie Awards released their list of nominations earlier today.

Known for being an award show that caters to the younger generation, this year is no different with categories ranging from ‘Best WTF Moment’ to ‘Best Scared-As-Sh*t Performance.’

This year’s awards will air on MTV June 6, 2010.  Aziz Ansari of NBC’s Parks and Recreation will handle the hosting duties and more information can be found at MTV.


Alice In Wonderland
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The Hangover
The Twilight Saga: New Moon


Amanda Seyfried – Dear John
Emma Watson – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Kristen Stewart – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side
Zoe Saldana – Avatar


Channing Tatum – Dear John
Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Taylor Lautner – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Zac Efron – 17 Again


Anna Kendrick – Up in the Air
Chris Pine – Star Trek
Gabourey Sidibe – Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
Logan Lerman – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Quinton Aaron – The Blind Side
Zach Galifianakis – The Hangover


Ben Stiller – Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Bradley Cooper – The Hangover
Ryan Reynolds – The Proposal
Sandra Bullock – The Proposal
Zach Galifianakis – The Hangover


Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds
Helena Bonham Carter – Alice In Wonderland
Ken Jeong – The Hangover
Stephen Lang – Avatar
Tom Felton – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Beyoncé Knowles vs. Ali Larter – Obsessed
Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber vs. Ryan Reynolds – X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Logan Lerman vs. Jake Abel – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Robert Downey Jr. vs. Mark Strong – Sherlock Holmes
Sam Worthington vs. Stephen Lang – Avatar


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning – The Runaways
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds – The Proposal
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner – Valentine’s Day
Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington – Avatar


Betty White – The Proposal, Cops a Feel
Bill Murray – Zombieland , Bill Murray?! A Zombie?!
Isabel Lucas – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Unexpected Transformation
Ken Jeong – The Hangover , Naked Trunk Surprise
Megan Fox – Jennifer’s Body, Vomits a Mysterious Black Ooze


Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
Taylor Lautner
Johnny Depp
Daniel Radcliffe


Alison Lohman – Drag Me To Hell
Amanda Seyfried – Jennifer’s Body
Jesse Eisenberg – Zombieland
Katie Featherston – Paranormal Activity
Sharlto Copley – District 9


Angelina Jolie
Channing Tatum
Sam Worthington
Chris Pine