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Oprah spreads the wealth once again

17 Jun

Oprah Winfrey just celebrated her 10th anniversary of O Magazine and according to Advertising Age, she celebrated by showering her staff with some pretty extraordinary gifts….

Oprah spreads the wealth once again.


Glee cast struts their stuff on Oprah

9 Apr

This past Wednesday, the cast of Glee were honored guests on The Oprah Show.  Ms. Winfrey jumped on the “Gleek” bandwagon and dedicated the whole hour to cast interviews, a musical number and some behind the scenes goodness…

Glee cast struts their stuff on Oprah

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Oprah to host new show…at night

8 Apr

As Oprah Winfrey ends one chapter of her life, she begins anew with another.  She announced today that after her network (OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network) premieres she will be taking on a nightime program…

Oprah to host new show…at night

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Oprah gives her seal of approval at the Academy Awards

12 Mar

Once you’ve been touched by Oprah, all is right with the world.  Gabourey Sidibe was the lucky recipient of such a touch Sunday at the Academy Awards when Oprah gave her a ringing endorsement heard round the world…

Oprah gives her seal of approval at the Academy Awards

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Roger Ebert Speaks…

27 Feb

To Oprah

On Tuesday March 2nd, Roger Ebert will be appearing on his old pal’s soon-to-be extinct talk show.  Ebert will be opening up about his life since beating cancer and how his life now is a new kind of normal.  After battling thyroid cancer, Ebert lost his lower jaw and his ability to eat, drink and speak.  He now communicates through a special voice equipped computer and will be premiering his new voice on Tuesday.

Ebert is every movie lover’s God.  He’s a Chicago guy, having been a film critic with the Chicago Sun-Times for over 40 years.  Famous for using his thumbs as a movie reviewing tool alongside the late Gene Siskel, Ebert has remained as vigilant as ever when it comes to doing what he does best.  Apart from his day job, he’s an accomplished author and has even created his very own film festival in Champaign, IL.

Coinciding with his appearance on Oprah, Esquire magazine ran a detailed feature on Ebert.  If you have never read his words or had the opportunity to listen to him dissect a film, it’s not too late.  He still continues to write on his website at rogerebert.com and you can find old episodes of Siskel & Ebert or Ebert & Roeper on YouTube.  He hasn’t let the hand he was dealt stop him from thriving and moving forward. 

My New Reality Crack

23 Feb

So a couple of weekends ago I was channel surfing and came upon this dating show on Bravo.  I’d heard of it before and even seen the “matchmaker” on Oprah, but I had no idea how paralyzing the show would be to me. 

The Millionaire Matchmaker is fantastic.  Owner, Patti Stanger runs this love business and she is not messing around.  She is honest and in your face – I love it!  Her business is dedicated to finding a suitable love interest for the rich folks of the world.  I’m not sure what is better, the fact that she is such a character or that these rich people are so willing to be torn to shreds by Stanger.

Stanger is convinced she knows how to read her clients better than anybody.  She calls them out on their weaknesses and is never afraid to tell her opinion.  Some of her clients border on psychotic; a good majority feel that they are the best looking specimen on the planet.  There are clients who will only date within a certain age range and Stanger tries to outsmart them. 

One episode even featured a middle-aged woman who only wanted to date younger men and upon seeing her older date for the evening – who she’d previously seen and agreed to go out with –  turned around and ran away, leaving behind one of her Louboutins in the dust!  Now that is stuff you don’t see on The Bachelor.

Bravo, who does wonders with the marathons of its programming, had me glued to my couch for a good two plus hours.  When I saw that a different show was coming on, I was so disappointed that my continual loop of rich, spoiled people looking for love was coming to an end.  Well, there’s always next weekend!