Coming Soon To A TV Near You

26 Feb

So we all know that TV shows come and go in a blink of an eye.  With the destruction of The Jay Leno Show, cancellations and shows on hiatus, there always have to be new shows on the back-burner.

It’s time to clue you into what shows will be premiering in the next couple months.

Parenthood – Tues. March 2
The Marriage Ref – Sun. Feb. 28 & regularly, Thurs. March 4
Who Do You Think You Are? – Fri. March 5
Minute to Win It – Sun. March 15
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Fri. March 26
Happy Town – Wed. April 28
Miami Medical – Fri. April 2
Sons of Tuscon – Sun. March 14
The CW:
Fly Girls – Wed. March 24
High Society – Wed. March 10
Justified – Tues. March 16

One Response to “Coming Soon To A TV Near You”

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